Experience the benefits of specialist therapeutic massage

Providing you with a mode of bodywork that is like no ordinary massage. I offer specialist therapeutic massages that can go deep enough to reach and release your deep-rooted chronic tension, a manifestation of physical and/or emotional pain. Sometimes my client's pain has turned into numbness, and they no longer feel pain or pleasure in the body. I help free you from tension and release blockages within your body.


How it works

We can access your deep-seated tension or stagnant energy through bodywork. Bodywork means working with pressure on your own threshold of pain and breath, or with a more subtle touch and energy work.

I have trained with world-class teachers whose approaches are very different from each other, but the goal is the same: to let go of what holds us back from living a healthier, happier and tension-free life.

If you are reading this, you may be looking for a solution to heal some aspects of your life. It could be chronic pain and tension in the body or suffering from stagnation, lack of energy, or even numbness in your life.

I truly hope I can help with your first steps on your journey.


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Therapeutic massage by Beata massage therapist
Raynor massage therapist

Raynor Massage

Raynor massage is like a sports massage but much deeper.

This therapy works with your threshold of pain and breath to get rid of physical tension.

Raynor massage helps to free tension from any blockages in your body that may be holding you back in life. 

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Emotional Detox

Emotional detox massage is a mixture of deep pressure bodywork and subtle touch, stillness and activating your life force energy.

This treatment is not for clients who seek a sensual massage but for those who are ready to embrace the unknown and connect deeper with their bodies, emotions and truth.

Foot massage

Walking Massage

A foot massage with pressure that is adjusted to your ability to process the intensity.

Experience a deeply relaxing massage which can help to surrender the mind and release unwanted blocks. This type of therapeutic massage an be applied to the back, hips, feet, palms, thighs and arms.

Deep Abdominal Massage

Abdominal Massage

The abdomen is too often neglected by massage therapists and yet is the major seat of stagnant energies causing physical, emotional and mental symptoms of imbalance.

As the gut is connected with the brain, no wonder why we need to detox the digestive system to allow more energy flow in the entire body.

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