Deep Abdominal Massage

Digestion is the foundation for optimal health. The abdominal massage is based on Chinese healing massage Chi Nei Tsang and means  “working with the energy of the internal organs” through Chi. Abdominal massage is part of my Emotional Detox Holistic Bodywork, but it can be done as an hour-long single treatment on its own.

This abdominal massage helps to achieve the following:

  • Stronger and more efficient digestion
  • Stronger immunity
  • Deeper breathing
  • Better blood circulation
  • Mental clarity and better sleep
  • Enhanced back posture
  • and helping with infertility problems


How it works

A sequence of deep and soft gentle touches is applied mainly on the abdominal, rib and pelvic area. Deep pressure is applied to certain pulse points to flush out toxins.  You will be encouraged to make a sound and breathe deeply, which helps to move the stagnant energies and make room for oxygenated blood and vital energy.  The massage activates a better energy flow in the digestive, respiratory, lymphatic, cardiovascular, and nervous systems.


Contact Beata Pais for an Abdominal Massage

In the first instance please send me a text message enquiry to 077961656169.

I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Same-day appointments are not available.  Sorry, I usually don't pick up my phone and I only reply to respectful enquiries.

Deep Abdominal Massage
Woman having abdominal massage
Deep Abdominal Massage

Thank you so much Beata for the massage session. It was great. You really are God-gifted. Felt really good the next day so light. Thank you for this. You have a Magic hand. Definitely going to recommend my friend and family.



Feeling $1M!!! My blood pressure the following day was amazing. The lowest I have seen. I felt so stress free. I feel like you helped me expel any dark energies inside of me. Keep doing this amazing job and sharing your special gift with the world.


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