Deep tissue Raynor massage and Emotional Detox

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Getting up stiff in the morning… Rigid toes and fingers… All over the body aches… Feeling a little depressed, stuck or tired with life… Wishing that the obstacles to a better more joyful life melt away…

It may be true that you are not in the right job, or with a wrong partner, or living in the wrong place. But it also may be true that that increased energy flow, stamina, libido, mobility and a fresh look at the future are within your reach.  I have seen it too many times to have any doubts that my work can help on a journey to better physical, emotional or even spiritual health.

Deep tissue massage and energy bodywork combined with intense Raynor Massage technique and coaching are tailored to the needs of each individual client. I can help you to relax the mind and to re-connect with your body. When a massage is performed and received in a relaxed state of mind, and deeper presence within yourself, it helps to reach deeper levels of consciousness. In this state you can access what is normally hidden away from your awareness and let go of the tension held in the body. A fear of pain is not just about a physical pain. Chronic tension and pain in the body can be a result of unexpressed emotions: suppressed and repressed feelings. If they can’t be expressed, they will be impressed. So facing the fear of pain during a massage is like facing your fears of life – be brave, take a deep breath and let go. I am here to support you and hold a safe space for you so that your body starts trusting again by taking those breaths of life deep enough to feel what hasn’t been felt for a very long time.  

If you are ready to change your life, let’s try together to shift those energies with a unique deep tissue Raynor Massage, Emotional Detox, and my expertise and care.

I offer sessions in Osterley, TW7, West London and also in Bargoed, CF81, South Wales.

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