Emotional Detox Holistic Massage

Emotional Detox holistic massage helps to release stagnant emotions from the body's cellular memory and to activate the movement of positive chi energy.


During a standard 4-hour session, you will receive:

  • Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal internal organs massage)
  • Life pulse points massage (to activate the pulse of life)
  • Karsai Nei Tsang (a strong massage to release deep seated tension in the groin, which helps to detox reproductive organs)
  • Full body massage (a blend of different techniques and energy work)
  • You will be encouraged to breathe deeply and use sounds (to really connect with all the sensations in the body, let go of stagnant energy and open up energetic pathways).


Contact Beata Pais for Holistic Massage

In the first instance please send me a text message enquiry to 077961656169 or complete the enquiry form.

I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Same-day appointments are not available.  Sorry, I don't usually pick up my phone, and I only reply to respectful enquiries.


FAQs on holistic massage

How can negative emotions affect you?

Negative emotions can plague our minds and souls. Unexpressed emotions can be stored in our bodies on a cellular level. We can all experience some of these toxic emotions that feel too overwhelming at times:

Anger, resentment, hurt, regret, bitterness, discouragement, shame, sorrow, powerlessness.

However, some of us have shut down so much that we don't really feel any emotions, whether it's sadness, anger or happiness.  The body also seems to be numb to some pain and pleasure. So we look for a temporary relief in order to feel something, and chase pleasure in overeating/eating toxic foods, porn, promiscuity, intoxication through drugs, nicotine and alcohol, extreme sports, compulsive shopping, virtual reality and games.

Chronic stress, depression, mental anxieties can begin to take a toll on the body, leading to a weakened immune system, poor gut and digestive health, and sexual dysfunctions.

The aim of the emotional detox massage is to create a balance for the mind, body and soul and to help you shift stagnant negative emotions as a step toward your self-empowerment and:

  • Connect deeper with your body and buried emotions through breath. It is easier to get in touch with your breath through deep bodywork.
  • Find freedom from negative patterns through clearance and balance, and bring awareness to your own needs.
  • Improve musculoskeletal health

Can you detox emotions on your own?

We have the power to heal ourselves and there is plenty to start with: let go and forgive others; forgive yourself; practise high self-esteem instead of self-loathing; pray (find faith in God, or use a scientific prayer, recite mantras or positive affirmations); stop regretting decisions you made in the past; have a good cry by yourself or with someone you trust; break free from the daily chaos for a while; stop watching TV and ditch social media; remove toxins from your diet and inhalation.

Sometimes however, when life seems to get out of control, don't let shame, discouragement or powerlessness stop you from seeking help from others.


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