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Discover Raynor Massage

Raynor massage is not an ordinary massage.

Raynor massage is like a sports massage but much, much deeper.

Ideally, for a Raynor massage, you will come to see me with the aim to get rid of all the residual tension in your body, right from its roots.

We will work together to remove all layers of tension, free any blockages in your body and, if they come up, let go of any buried stagnant emotions that may be holding you back in life.  

Or you may be curious about how the therapy works and come with an open mind to discover the benefits. You will be willing to learn to connect deeper with your discomfort and process it through a deep breath. Breath is the bridge between your mind and your body. 

How a Raynor massage works

As a Raynor Massage therapist, I understand that tension is held in bands running through the body and my job is to simply loosen them for you. The knowledge of these bands of tension has come from many years of experience and by studying the energetic systems of several other forms of Asian massage by my teacher, Brandon Raynor.

Brandon Raynor had practised these systems for years before simplifying them into easily felt and worked on bands. A band is made of muscles, tendons and sometimes ligaments, and other tissues. As they join muscles, we can work the tension from its roots.


Contact Beata Pais for a Raynor Massage

In the first instance please send me a text message enquiry to 077961656169 or complete the enquiry form.

I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Same-day appointments are not available.  Sorry, I usually don't pick up my phone and I only reply to respectful enquiries.



Thank you so much Beata for the massage session. It was great. You really are God-gifted. Felt really good the next day so light. Thank you for this. You have a Magic hand. Definitely going to recommend my friend and family.



Frequently asked questions around Raynor Massage and residual tension

What is residual tension?

It is muscular, tendon or ligament tension that is there even when the body is at rest. In particular the tips of the toes and fingers also hold tension, which is related to the microfibers of the body.

When a body is a at rest, for example on a massage mattress, every tendon, muscle and ligament should be soft and supple. This is what we are working on.

How long will it take to free the body of tension?

This goal may take a few hours or it may take hundreds of hours depending upon the following factors, but every session should make a noticeable difference:

  • How old is the tension
  • The breathing threshold
  • The pain threshold
  • Desire to feel better
  • Ability or previous experience of the client to release tension caused by emotional experiences
  • Ability of me as a therapist
  • Willingness to admit there is tension in the body and to own the responsibility for it
  • The general health level
  • The effects of surgeries and injuries
  • The influence of any drugs taken

What causes residual tension?

Residual tension can be caused by physical, mental, emotional or spiritual reasons.

When I am working on a particular part of the body, I am not focused on releasing emotions. My aim is the release of tension in the bands and to hold a safe space for you if any emotions are discharged.

Physical tension

Physical repetitive activities such as typing, playing sports, driving long hours can cause residual tightness of muscles. Jobs such as hairdresser, concrete driller, masseur, plasterer, factory worker or waiter are also typical examples.

Mental Stress

Mental tension can be caused for example by work deadlines, financial worries, overthinking, family arguments or too much responsibilities. This type of tension and stress can build up to chronic levels and badly affect the autoimmune system and lead to disease.

Emotional Reasons

Suppressed emotions may be the underlying cause of structural tightness. Unexpressed emotions such as anger or sadness can cause tension and trigger a stress response in the body.

Raynor Massage is a therapeutic way to help a client to have a somato-emotional release or an emotional release.  The release happens when the client through his breath connects with and lets go of past traumas and negative experiences during the time when a tension in a band is accessed. Sometimes a pain is experienced at the same time, which activates a mental or emotional release. Physical pain is often a manifestation of a deeply buried emotional pain.

Spiritual Reasons

When a person is not following their true-life path, this can cause tension not only in the body but also deep inside the psyche. For example, choosing an unwanted career due to family pressure or marrying someone they were not compatible with due to their own low self-worth. A midlife crisis can be a result of a build-up of resentment following a life of conflicting beliefs. It is possible to rid of tension caused by this sort of repression, which is life transforming.

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