I felt a lot more relaxed after the treatment and a bit Achy but that was expected. I do feel there has been a shift in my mind on the more positive side.  I feel eager to learn and do more to work myself to drop negative energies. Thank you so much for time and patience – I really appreciate your work.  I feel blessed to have met you.


I felt wonderful and deeply calm and relaxed. Like a baby that has just been fed and cuddled:). Thank you for the experience. It was truly special:) 


Feeling $1M!!! My blood pressure the following day was amazing. The lowest I have seen. I felt so stress free. I feel like you helped me expel any dark energies inside of me. Keep doing this amazing job and sharing your special gift with the world.



The session was great, my body is feeling strong and light, and my workout has been better than before.


Technology student

I felt much better right after I left. More relaxed and less pain on my wrist, the headache is gone for now as well. Thank you again! I enjoyed it even with the pain. I guess pain is not always bad.



OMG! You are amazing. I have never felt so good after a massage.


Massage therapist

Thanks for yesterday. It was so good that I didn't get up for work today. Just slept. Magic hands.


Minicab driver

Thank you so much Beata for the massage session. It was great. You really are God-gifted. Felt really good the next day so light. Thank you for this. You have a Magic hand. Definitely going to recommend my friend and family.



Trudno jest pisac o tym jak dobry jest masaz Beaty, tak samo jak trudno jest samemu znalezc caly bol w sferze fizycznej i psychicznej w sobie. Masaz Beaty daje mozliwosc znalezienia tych wszystkich miejsc traumy a jej energia i zrozumienie dla osoby masowanej lagodzi bole i przynosi ukojenie. Czlowiek czuje sie po masazu pelen nowej sily i pozytywnie spoglada na swiat wokol. Jest to doznanie, ktore gleboko zapada w swiadomosc i chce sie je powtarzac ciagle.


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